Superman and feathers

I listened to a pod cast from Buddha at the Gas Pump, it was an interview with a noted American medium during which she told a short story about a grieving mother and it struck a cord. I’m fairly cyber challenged, so I don’t know how I managed it but I contacted this lady and we’ve become much more than good friends, we’re connected on a higher level.

Her name is Tracy and she is one of the founding members of a group called Helping Parents Heal Online of which I have also sadly become a member. We believe our children are still with us in spirit and in fact, they give us plenty of validation.

Tracy and I get very specific signs from our sons, With Elliott it’s usually something about Superman and Aymen likes his feathers. So when Tracy and I exchanged our stories, we discovered many commonalities about our boys, then suddenly and quite miraculously began receiving messages from each others sons.

The day after Tracy told me about the feathers (bearing in mind she’s in the U.S. and I’m in Aus) I came home to find 4 beautiful big magpie feathers on my doorstep. I literally stood there suspiciously looking around for the culprit that planted them but of course no one knew about our conversation.

And this is pretty much how they were arranged. Since then we’ve had an avalanche of Supermen and feathers.




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