I am Kaye Watts. I lost my son 5 years ago and he is still with me in more ways than one. I would like to share the signs I receive from him, from the afterlife.


Seeing is believing

Almost immediately after Elliott left this world he began showing me he was still here. Even through the initial shock and confusion of grief I recognized Elliotts stamp.

Firstly it was the lights in the house flickering off and on. Not all of them, just in his room, the kitchen and the garage, the 3 rooms he spent most of his time and it went on for weeks. Usually when a light flickers it will eventually blow but none of these needed replacing, even 5 years on.

Phones and computers soon began malfunctioning and that continued for months. One night my friend Peta and I were trying to decide on the font for a tattoo I wanted in Elliotts honour and each time I chose one the lights flickered off and on, until we actually began asking questions and the answers came with the lights.

But before all this, on that awful day an hour or so after Elliotts passing was confirmed, I smelled the deodorant he used, it was the only brand he used and was very familiar to me and as I sat in my room this scent was all around me. This is the first time I’ve put voice to that experience, I’ve kept it to myself because it was our secret, mine and Elliotts.

Now for the purpose of  shining light on the incredible ability to communicate between worlds, I’m willing to share our story.



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